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The good land of Canaan and the riches of Christ

The good land of Canaan and the riches of Christ

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The good land of Canaan was described in the Old Testament as a very rich land, it was a “land flowing with milk and honey” (Ex 3: 8), which are supplies for man’s life. In Deuteronomy 8:7-9 all the riches of Canaan are mentioned, and in all of the mention items we can see aspects of God’s riches in Christ to us.

The most important for the maintenance of life is water, and in Canaan there were deep streams, fountains and springs. We can see here a picture of the Triune God reaching the man and giving Himself to him. The deep springs, the underground sheets, refer to God Father, who dwells in inaccessible light (1 Tim. 6:16); the fountains are the points on the surface of the earth of where sprouts water from springs, representing God Son, Jesus Christ, who revealed God to us; and the streams, that are the waters coming to man, represent the Holy Spirit, of whom we drink (1 Cor. 12:13). It is through the Spirit that we have experience of the Triune God. Let us live today in our regenerated spirit to enjoy the reality of the riches of the good earth in the person of the Triune God!

After speaking of the abundance of water in the good land, Deuteronomy speaks its vegetal production. The first vegetable mentioned is wheat. The Lord Jesus, when spoke of His death, mentioned the wheat. In John 12:24, He said, “ Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. ” The wheat represents the death of Christ. Jesus is the grain of wheat that fell to the earth, died and produced much fruit. For a seed germinate and begin to grow, its necessary the peel break. This is also an important spiritual principle. For the divine life in us to grow, it´s essential that the “peel” of our natural man, our ego, our soul life be broken. Everything that belongs to us in the old creation need to be broke so the divine life has a free way to grow. The only way for our peel be broke is to experience in our spirit union with Christ in His crucifixion (Rom. 6: 4; Col. 2:12). The vineyards remind us that the Lord, the true vine (John 15: 1), is life to us; the fig trees, whose fruit was used as food in the Old Testament, indicate that the Lord is our true food. Pomegranates have many seeds, indicating the abundance of Christ’s life and His power to multiply, reaching each of us. Finally, he cites the olive tree, which produces the oil, the Holy Spirit, which is the oil of joy that has been poured out upon the Lord and which comes to us (Heb. 1: 9; Ps. 133: 2). There are also mineral riches: among them, iron, which refers to the authority of Christ (Ps 2: 7-9).

Dear reader, in the face of this perception of the person of Christ, our sentiment must be the same as Apostle Paul in Ephesians 3: 8 who says, “The boundless riches of Christ.” We need to have constant, daily experiences with this rich Christ!

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