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The Christian Career.

The Christian Career.

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In this publication we will abort the theme of the Christian career. Paul gave his testimony in 2 Timothy 4: 7 that he had completed his career, let’s go a little deeper into this topic. Hebrews 12: 1 tells us that when we believe in the Lord Jesus, a career is set before us and we must complete it. It was established by God and is a spiritual career, not visible to the natural eyes, but perceived only by faith (Heb 11: 1, 27).

In this career we should be aware that there are many witnesses around us, as reported in Hebrews 12. God, angels, Satan, fallen angels, demons, neighbors, friends, companions, family, brothers in Christ, and many others looking at us while we live our Christian life. Some are positive witnesses, who desire our advancement, as God Himself and the brethren. They want us to run fast, constantly and without fading. There are also negative witnesses, such as Satan, principalities, and demons, who wish to weaken us, discourage us, and even make us give up running. For them, the longer this race takes to finish, the better, as they will have more time to work on the land. So we should never think that this career is just our business, as there are many following our race with great anticipation, like a crowd. We will never be alone, and our actions or omissions will always be accompanied by this great cloud of witnesses. We may think that no one will know whether or not we read the bible or how often we pray. Yet this great cloud of witnesses around us is attentive to our every step and everything accompanies us, for the outcome of this race will directly affect them and the entire universe.

This text from Hebrews 12 still warns us that there are two problems in our career: weight and sin, which we must get rid of. These are obstacles that entangle us and prevent us from completing our career. Sin is a stumbling block to us. He tenaciously harasses us, that is, he is always trying to hug us to make us trip, fall and stop running. Satan never gives us truce. He has no holiday or vacation to set us free. However, there are Christians who take days off from their relationship with God, claiming they are too busy to read the Bible or pray. This is a great danger, for sin tenaciously beset them all the time. Because of the iniquity that is multiplying, many lose consciousness of sin, have fallen and are no longer running. If we do not take care, it can happen to us. We constantly need the word of God, which is light to our ways and brings us the reference of what is or is not approved by Him (Ps 119: 9, 11, 105). If we sin, we cannot remain dominated by sin, but immediately we must turn to the Lord, repent, and confess our error by asking God’s forgiveness and applying the blood of Christ that cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1: 7 9). Then we must get up and keep running.

Weight, in turn, is something that causes our speed in this race to slow down. It does not stop us from running like sin, but we run slower. And the reason why many get tired spiritually. They do not have the strength to go to church, but for leisure they are full of energy. It is not physical but spiritual tiredness. They haven’t totally stopped their careers, but they’re no longer running. It is distractions, pastimes, and so many other seemingly harmless things that delay our arrival at the final line and the return of the Lord. The more weight we carry, the slower we will run. We must all consider how intensely we have lived the Christian life, whether in personal pursuit of the Word and prayer, in church or in evangelization. If the speed has been reduced, it is a sign that we are accumulating and carrying weight.

In Luke 21:34 the Lord Jesus warned us not to worry about so much of this life that causes our hearts to fill and our spiritual speed to slow. We all need to take these two obstacles seriously, otherwise our race will be a failure.

God is making a call to change the way we run. In order to get rid of weight and sin, we need living experience with the Word and the revelation of Christ within us daily. Let us seek the light of God to strip us of all weight and increase our speed. The lighter we are, the faster we will race to the finish line!

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