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The Door and the Way

The Door and the Way

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“ Enter through the narrow gate (for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it), but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it ” ( Matthew 7:13, 14).

Today our purpose is not to explain the passage mentioned, but to demonstrate the trajectory of the Christian life, because the above verses deal with two great principles: 1- to enter the door and 2- to walk the path. Emphasizing one and excluding the other will result in an extreme. God sets before the Christian a door and a way, or a way and a door, to keep him in balance. What does it mean to walk in the door? Entering the door means going through a life experience.

Just as the passage has a door that blocks your progress, going through the door means facing something you have never experienced before. No matter how thick the door, it doesn’t take five minutes to get through. When someone passes by, they are immediately in a new environment. There`s a huge difference between the scene before the doorway and the scene after. Five minutes earlier, one was in a particular world, but now one is in a different world. Previously, the person was outside the door and now is inside.

In such a brief period, the Christian goes through an experience, going through the door, and his spiritual condition takes another turn at the same instant. The Christian not only has to go through the door, but must walk a path as well. The road is long, and it takes a long time to walk it. Does it take a long time to get through the door? Obviously it can be crossed quickly. Which then requires more time: enter the door or walk the path? Of course, walking the path takes more time. A big imbalance arises if someone walks in the door without stepping in the way next. This “way” is what the Bible teaches us how to live a Christian, that is, to follow the Lord and His teachings.

After the Christian walks through the door, he must move forward step by step. To walk the path means to move on, grow, gradually evolve – one step after another. It only takes one step to pass through the door, but the act of walking the path cannot be accomplished in just one step. Thus, upon entering the door, the Christian immediately feels a distinct change. He goes on (another hundred steps) and then may have to go through another door. Perhaps after a thousand steps another experience awaits you. The Christian must therefore be prepared to walk the path whenever he decides to go through a door. Therefore, going through the door means facing the adversities and having experiences using the eyes of faith, while walking the path means progressing, persevering and being obedient to the will of the Lord who will be with us throughout this journey.

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