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The Olympic torch and Christian living.

The Olympic torch and Christian living.

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In 2016 Brazil hosted the biggest sporting event of this land, the Olympic Games. The games were created in ancient Greece and aimed to test the physical and mental capacity of their participants and also to promote integration between peoples.

One of the greatest symbols of the Olympic games is the Olympic torch. In the year of the Olympics, it is lit a hundred days earlier in the Greek city of Olympia. He then travels through several Greek cities until he is handed over to the organizing committee of the country responsible for the event, making a stop in Switzerland and another in the country that will host the competition. When the games were held in Rio de Janeiro, the flame first arrived in Brasilia, and from there, traveled through various cities of Brazil, being carried by athletes, who took turns. Starting with Brasilia, 12,000 athletes were chosen to take part in the relay, taking this lighted torch to travel the entire country, over 300 cities, until reaching Rio de Janeiro, host city of the games. Each athlete was responsible for leading the torch for a certain course. At the end of each course, one athlete would light the next athlete’s torch to begin his or her part to the destination, where another athlete was waiting with a torch to be lit by him. The function of these athletes is not to run faster, but to carry the torch flame from one place to another.

This is a good example to apply to the spiritual reality of today’s Christians. We have the torch of God, His Word, the torch of the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hands. Along the way, we can do many things like work, study, take care of the house and children, run to fulfill our commitments, but always remember the torch we carry, it can never go out! Now we need to ask the question: Is our torch still lit or has it gone out? Some will say: “I did more than others, the distance traveled was the longest and I even set a speed record! ” However this is not the goal. It is necessary to keep the torch lit to pass this fire to others. Church meetings should be to light the torch of other brothers, sisters, and visitors. They come to the meetings to light their torches. However, if my torch is out, how will I light the torch of others? This is what we should be aware of, being someone who lights other people’s torches and for that we cannot let ours go out.

To light the fire within us, we need to exercise our spirit. This is how the apostle Paul encouraged the young co-worker Timothy: “ For this reason i remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you” (2 Tim. 1: 6a). The original Greek word translated “revives” ( fan into falme)  is anazopure, which means reviving the flame, rekindling the fire. When we call on the name of the Lord, we rekindle the brazier within us, and the fire of the Spirit is revived. Dear reader, enjoy this moment and exercise your spirit. Open your heart to the Lord and let Him enlighten your being. Although it is said in the Bible that love will grow cold for almost everyone, your prayer should be, “Lord, let my love not cleave or be cold, but burn in Thee!”

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