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The Marital Life.

The Marital Life.

Edifying Words, Palavras que edificam

In the world that we live today, marriage has become a bankrupt institution, where the husband and wife relationship isn’t so important and for whatever reason they break up, each seeks only their own welfare, but it wasn’t so at the beginning. God, in uniting man and woman, had the desire, that together, they might carry out His plan (Gen. 1:26). And how can we reverse this picture today? How do we have a healthy and normal marriage, as the Lord teaches us? Let’s look at some practices that can help our marriage stay healthy.

Husband and wife shouldn’t only live together, but must be spiritual companions; They should go together to the church, pray together, because prayer is very useful to lead us to the spirit, besides reading the Bible together. But one more step must be taken: husband and wife should be cooperators, supporting each other in the service of God. This should be the couple’s spiritual life.

Our family life needs to be filled with spiritual fellowship. When we are regenerated, we are born of the spirit and from that moment our whole life must be in the spirit (Gal 5:16, 25). Living out of the spirit expressing ourselves is the root of all our problems. If we live like this, we will end harmony in our family life and church life; we will disagree with our spouse and brothers and will easily offend. We must always be in the spirit, not only in church meetings, but also in our home, in fellowship with our spouse. In this way, husband and wife, will help each other to grow in the divine life until they reach maturity.

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