Bookafe Coffee Shop

In this mode we seek to welcome and be at people’s service through a pleasant environment. We pursue excellence and promptness, serving our guests high quality products in order to draw them to the Lord. We want to be part of their lives and provide them moments of satisfaction, meditation, reading and prayer.

  • Striving for excellence in our products and services;
  • Respecting customers, suppliers, supporters and society in general, providing positive experiences in their contact with us;
  • Providing a warm and pleasant environment;
  • Offering support and spiritual nourishment to those interested;
  • Promoting integration among Christians;
  • Encouraging the practice of reading Christian books.

We are a coffee shop with an additional product: we have books that talk about the Bible. Our books touch contemporary issues of daily life. They talk about marriage, family and children; There are devotionals and Bible studies for Spiritual growth; A great collection for children; Gospel Leaflets; CDs and more. All of this aims to bring our guests the Word of God in an uncomplicated way.

The Bookafe has also a Place of Prayer set aside to pray with the customers, to intercede for their needs and to praise God for the blessings received. We also have  a prayer box where requests are deposited. We are ready to provide spiritual support to all who seek it.