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Trust in the Word of God

Trust in the Word of God

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In this text we will talk about the importance of trusting in the Word of God. To help us, let’s take the following situation: You’re on a plane at a height of approximately 4,000 meters. The door opens, you standing before it. Your eyes see only the sky and listen to the engine noise. At this point, he is getting ready to make his first parachute jump. You already passed the jump school, you have done all the classes, simulations, you have kept the instructions given, and you have learned how the parachute works. At this point, the most important question comes: Do you trust your parachute?

In the spiritual area, this is what differentiates a person with confidence from the many who only studied the Bible, but remained only in theoretical knowledge and lyrics. Your confidence level increases when your ability to trust what the Bible says increases. You never develop your confidence in the Word of God until you decide to take a step of faith. Those who read the Word of God cannot only stay in knowledge, in theory, but they need to take a step of faith, they need to learn to walk in it, to jump, trusting that the Word has the power to sustain you. Just as the skydiver jumps confident that his parachute will work, those who read the Word of God need to trust that is powerful in transforming lives.

The book of John 1: 1 presents us with the Word being God Himself, “… and the word was God. ”, When we trust in the Bible, the word it contains, we are trusting God, we trust that He is powerful to do much more than we ask and think. What has been your reaction when a situation arises, a trial in your life? Do you trust the Word of God or your natural strength? If we know what the Bible says, and we decide to trust it, believing that the Word is God Himself as the truth, we will face all these situations with confidence.

We must learn to wait, trust and hope in the Word. When the verb “wait” and the word “hope” appear in the Bible, they never refer to an illusion or false expectations. In the Bible, hope is a subject that means trust. This word: hope, expresses confidence in an event that will happen in the future, and that will certainly be fulfilled. In the New Testament, our hope is in Christ Jesus, our savior. Paul says in Colossians: “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:27) and, further on, Paul reminded Titus that they would meet: “ while we wait for the blessed hope the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. ”(Titus 2:13)

Our hope and confidence are in the Word of God. God is the living Word that is made to manifest in His children, the believers, through the Bible. Our trust is rooted in the Word of God, when we put our hearts in the Word, we have confidence in It. And if we want to know God, to know His will and what is in His heart, we need to read His word. It’s only through the Bible that we have the possibility to know the One who is our hope and who gives us confidence to win every day! Amen!

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