Bookafe Community

The Bookafe Community is a social branch of the Bookafe project to welcome and support the community where it is placed. It promotes human development and spiritual growth among people through volunteering.

The purpose of Bookafe Community is to provide spaces for the neighborhood to be in touch and interact, to make the collection of Bookafe Publications available for free, and to promote courses and talks that contribute to the social, human, cultural and spiritual development of the attendants. Besides being open to receive the community it has also volunteers to provide spiritual support to those interested in receiving it, to lead Bible studies and to intercede for visitors, whenever requested.

General goals
  • Support the community in its social, human, cultural and spiritual development;
  • To have a notable and positive effect in the neighborhood in which it is inserted;
  • Foster interaction with the community;
  • Promote social work;
  • Cultivate the habit of reading Christian literature;
  • Optimize the use of meeting places;
  • Offer a variety of courses.

The Bookafe Community can be used to coordinate social actions according to the local need. It might serve, for example, as a donation & distribution centre. With its volunteers it might organize visits to hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, recovery homes, prisons; promote the distribution of food, clothes and blankets for homeless people; help victims of floods or natural disasters in the neighborhood, among other activities.