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Our hope in the Scriptures

Our hope in the Scriptures

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In this text we will discuss the hope we have in the Word of God. Our hope in the Scriptures, which is a key element in the development of our confidence and faith, Paul explains to us how God uses the tests, circumstances in our lives, to help us to believe and strengthen our faith. It teaches us that tribulation produces patience; patience, evidence, and evidence, hope. Therefore, he concludes that, in hope, we are not ashamed.

Once, a Christian family lived in a city where a civil war broke out. Every day they lived under the strain of war, heard gunshots, bombs, a lot of destruction. Her seven-year-old daughter went to school being escorted by a soldier armed with a rifle, had to be searched to see if she was not armed or with a bomb. Each day lived was a victory, because they didn’t know when they could die. They asked themselves: What to do in this situation? How to react? There’s no way we can get out of here. In their hearts they felt that they had put their hope in the Word of God. They trusted all their days in the hands of God, because they believed that better days would come, they had hope in God! This strengthened their faith and this family was able to help, encourage and give confidence to other Christians who lived there, bringing hope to everyone who needed it.

Do you feel consumed by fear and concerned about the present life? Anxious about what will happen during and after this pandemic? Do we suffer from the bads of this century like stress, depression or loneliness? Have we really had hope for better days? Waiting on the Word of God, having hope on the Word of God, cannot be something theoretical in the life of a Christian, our life must be conducted each day with the hope that comes from the Word of God.

Seeking the Word is a permanent attitude. We cannot only seek it when we are experiencing conflict, tribulation or pressure, but at all times we need to seek the Word of God. Our hearts need to be hungry, willing, determined to seek God. We must seek the word of God in the same way that we seek the things we love. If I love a car, I will work, dedicate myself to the maximum, save money, strive to be able to buy this car. To the word of God, we need to have the same love, commitment, dedication. “ When your words came, I ate them; they were joy and my heart’s delight , for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty . ” Jer 15:16

The more we read the Bible, the more we will get to know God and His promises, and not one of them has failed or failed to be fulfilled! With this experience in our lives, regardless of how the world is around us, we will have the hope of salvation and eternal life given to each of us, who believe in Him.

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