Our Story

Attending a national conference in 2008 in Lima, Peru, Dong Yu Lan, the Brother Dong, went to a coffee shop. While seated there drinking his coffee, he noticed people around seemed comfortable, happy, talking quietly.

With that image, he thought it would be interesting to create a similar place, but with something more.

He left that place with a strong feeling that that idea would be great to reach people to present them the Gospel. He prayed, asking God to show him the way to go. In the beginning, when the idea was was present to his co-workers, there was a big resistance, because they felt that was not the focus.

The more than 50,000 people who attend the monthly Bookafé units can find there the comfort of a friendly word. For our goal is to make the Bookafe Coffee Shop an extension of home.

In August 2009, in the town of Telemaco Borba, Parana state, it was inaugurated the first Bookafe Coffee Shop, now part of a group of more than 300 units distributed around the world, with its highest concentration in Brazil.

This success is, in large part, due to the simple attitude of Brother Dong, who sought to transform the vision into practice, creating the possibility of any person, regardless of belief or creed, enter the Bookafe Coffee Shop and have access to Christian literature.

The books, as well as activities executed inside the Bookafe, follow the same goals, values and teachings disseminated by the Institute Life for All. It has been an important tool to reach people.

Although we aim to present everyone the gospel, we always try approach our guests who attend occasionally or assiduously our places with wisdom and prudence, respecting their time and privacy.  After all we want them feel good and keep returning.

Inside Bookafes you will find a selection of hot and cold drinks specially prepared as well as sweet and savory and delicious sandwiches. But these are not our best products as our best product is to offer spiritual support to those in need!

You will have access to a literature of excellent quality. You may let your requests in the “Prayer Box” and enjoy a reserved space to talk and pray with our colporters while preserving your privacy.

Upon arriving in a Bookafe Shop, please, enter, be welcome, and find the best of Life.