Our mission

The Colporter plays an important role in advancing the gospel throughout the land. As an evangelist he cooperates in spreading the word of God, in order to reach the greatest number of people.

The Colporter’s main tool are the books. With them he helps people to better understand the Bible, which being the best-selling book, is poorly understood.

Books are not just to bring knowledge, but is primarily intended to bring the Faith into people, showing that our life in the spiritual realm needs to grow and mature.

The burden of Colportage and the priestly function

By Dong Yu Lan

When I began to reflect on Colportage, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the priestly garments described in the Bible, in Exodus 28. The high priest wore a special robe. One of the pieces of his clothing was the ephod, also called breastplate, which was placed around his neck and hung up to chest height. This breastplate was made of two layers, forming a pocket where the Urim and Thummim were placed.

In the front, there were two shoulders straps in which were placed precious stones with the names of the children of Israel recorded on them. Shoulders symbolized responsibility. The shoulders straps were an indication that the high priest had to cooperate with God taking care of the children of Israel. Although the origin of the high priest was the tribe of Levi, his burden was to take care of the twelve tribes.

In the breastplate, likewise, were placed twelve precious stones having the names of the twelve tribes. As we have seen, the ephod extended to the chest, which is a region of the body that symbolizes love. This indicates that the high priest on top of having the responsibility of taking care of the children of Israel, should also love them . Our high priest today is the Lord Jesus (Heb 3: 1). He is clothed with a priestly garment having the ephod and the shoulders straps. We are united to him, we also have the responsibility to take care of the children of God in love.

Today, when we go out to reach people, we carry in our bags, that is, in our ephod, the spiritual books that bring the revelation of the Word of God,  the Urim and Thummim. The role of the Urim and Thummim was to define, explain and clarify the Word of God to people. In this way, that they could apply the Word immediately in their daily life and have experience with the Lord.

The Colportage and the Apostle’s function

By Dong Yu Lan

In addition to the High Priest, the Lord Jesus is the Apostle. This also applies to our experience, the Colporter presents Christian literature to people in cities wherever he goes, and thus also takes care of them as an apostle. We do not want the position nor the title, but we wish the Apostle function that is to bring God to men that He might have His Kingdom established on earth.