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Who is our greatest enemy?

Who is our greatest enemy?

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One time at a church meeting, a brother was talking about the portion of Ephesians 6 that dealt with the armor of God. To better understand those in this meeting, he dressed in armor and said to everyone in the audience, “I have the armor of God, where is the enemy? ” A man who had much experience of life with God, was sitting with the others replied: “The enemy is in the armor! ” He was there ready to fight the enemy out, but the biggest enemy was the one in the armor himself. We are our greatest enemy. Who really can frustrate us from reaching the end of our career, the goals and challenges we have, is ourselves. This is the damage done by the old man, our ego, the life of the soul, the fallen nature we received from Adam.

Because we love ourselves so much, we are not willing to pummel our own bodies, that is, to deny ourselves and take the cross of Christ to follow Him, and we end up fighting, fighting our marriage, family, friends, neighbors, we fight everyone. This is how misunderstandings, misunderstandings and differences between people arise. It must be very clear to us that we are our greatest enemy.

Our old man deceives us daily, preventing us from knowing Christ more. Through reading the Bible and praying in communion with Him we can know Him in a living and real way. But how many do you practice today, these basic items of the Christian life that are essential to know Him? Consider whether the Christ we know today is the same as a month ago. If it is the same, it indicates that we are not living properly. Time must be spent in communion with the Lord for this. Many claim lack of time to read God’s Word and pray, but many are active on social networks, willing to watch five to six hours of a series and go out for fun. Before the Lord on that Day, these same acts will be evidence against them that their time was wasted. We waste time because of this enemy, which is ourselves, that we need to fight against.

Another problem many face because of the old nature is unwillingness. We often postpone our time of communion with the Lord simply because we are too lazy to do so at that time. 1 Corinthians 9:17 the apostle Paul gives another testimony of his experience that shows us that he too had to face this great problem. Paul clearly stated that he did things unwilling to do simply because of his responsibility. His body didn’t want to make his soul, nor did it cooperate in the face of the Lord’s need, yet he dominated and punched his body because of the responsibility God had entrusted to him. This portion is of great help to all of us. When feelings of unwillingness to go to church, to read the Bible, to pray, to preach the gospel, etc., arise, we must command ourselves to fulfill the responsibility God has given us. At such times we must remember that we are not masters of ourselves, but that Jesus is the Lord of our lives. It is not our body or mind that determines actions, but the Lord Jesus, who is in our spirit. We are on this earth to do God’s will, not ours. Our old man and our flesh do not wish to die, yet the reason for our Christian career is God’s call to her, the fulfillment of His plan for us.

So, dear reader, as we run our careers, we fight the enemies within us. We know that the enemy that  can eliminate us from the race, disqualify us from this career, is ourselves. So in everything we dominate, we punch our body and we reduce it to slavery, because we aim to win the crown of justice, which is incorruptible.

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