Our story in Europe

Our story in Europe dates from 1992 when a group of brethren visited here for the first time. The Gospel was brought from Europe to Brazil and there we learned about the aspect of the Gospel of the Kingdom, that we want to retribute to this continent. The gateway was Portugal, starting from the city of Lisbon by visiting JAV subscribers, making colportage and sales to bookstores and distributors of Christian books. In the same year, the major cities from Porto to Algarve were visited. In Porto was raised the first group of brethren willing to take the testimony of the unity of the body of Christ. In 2004 and 2005, following a cry from the brethren who lived in Portugal, our visits became more frequent. Besides, the brethren would bring the list of JAV subscribers to contact them. Praise the Lord for that tool which enabled us to reach several people.

The initial plan was to help the Latin speaking countries as Portugal, Italy and Spain, because of the similarity of languages with South America and because there were already some contacts. This work, however, flows like a river that surrounds cities, reaching all those in need of God’s life! We had planned something, but the Lord has given us much more in this Continente. New doors were opened and more countries have been reached by the river of life.

The start of this flow was in Portugal, then Spain, continued in Italy, advanced in Germany, went to Switzerland with the opening of a house in Zurich and then Geneva. It flowed to England, Romania and Ireland. The work in Europe, has been made under the Spirit flowing like a river that does not stop. Little by little it is reaching all this continent.

This river has already reached 14 countries and with Life for All Project, many people have been blessed with God’s Word! They are being taken to know God’s desire and will, which is that all men be saved and come to full knowledge of Him, grow in life and become a mature son to inherit the world to come!

The Life for All Project includes:

  • Bookafé – Books that lead to the Faith;
  • Ceape – Perfecting centre for gospel propagation,
  • Colportage

Mt 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”