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Everything we do must generate Christ!

Everything we do must generate Christ!

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In Ruth 4:17 it is said that the first son of Boaz and Ruth was actually considered the son of Naomi. In this way the offspring to Elimelech were raised and his name would no longer be erased from the inheritance in Israel. This son was called Obed, which means “servant, he who serves.” The meaning of this name has an aspect of Christ: He Himself said that the Son of Man did not came to be served, but to serve (Matt. 20:28). The Lord Jesus did not remained as God, distant from us, but humbled Himself, becoming not only a man but a servant; and that He did to serve us. He serves us with a purpose of draw us near to God, and He also brings God into us, filling us with His life.

The books of Joshua and Judges are books of war, of works, of conquest of the earth, but the book of Ruth is a book of life. We need to earn the inheritance, yes, but it must be done through God’s life in us. The great step toward fulfilling God’s will was the incarnation of the Lord. What do we have at the end of Ruth book? A genealogy which, together with that of Matthew 1, concludes by saying, “And Jacob the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus who is called the Messiah” (v16).

Everything we have created must have this target: Generate Christ! As we gather at the church, visit brothers, work, study, walk, go to the market at the end of the day, after all we have done, we need to have fellowship with the Lord and ask ourselves: How much of Christ was generated in me? And how much of Christ was generated in the people who we contacted today? Jesus, while was on earth, wherever He went, changed the condition, environment, sphere, and especially people’s lives. All Christ did was generate new life for those he touched, spoke, and followed. What was the secret of Christ? Was be one with Father! (Jn 10:30). All God’s work must be done by God’s life in us, not by our natural efforts or abilities. The result of all is Christ being generate!

This is God’s economy: to remain in His promise, despite of all the difficulties, to receive more from His dispensing, and finally,  Christ be created in us and manifested through us. Then God and we will into eternal rest, Hallelujah!

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